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Random Springisms

Blessed to Create

Her smile won my heart immediately, but what I sensed within was her fierce side. My goal was to capture it as well as her essence and individuality. Even after twenty two years of creating, I still get the goosebumps when I see an image forming in my mind. As I follow my internal creative direction, the vision appears, just like magic. Senior portraits have been my passion since long ago and I am honored to have the opportunity to create for the select few. I would be honored to create for you, if you are so moved.

Brooke is an amazing young lady and this is the first of two sessions for her senior collection. Time is limited to me currently, so I will be adding to her collection slowly but surely.

Thank you for appreciating and valuing the professional photographer and their occupation.

Brooke – St. Louis – Senior – Portrait


Autumn Arriving


Autumn Findings

The air is sharply crisp.

The apples are brilliant, red globes of tart, sweetness begging for fingers to wrap around them and enjoy their beauty.

The last of the grasshopper regime is holding onto their thrones of thorny white and green.

Autumn is marching forward and I welcome the findings.

Estimated Days to our Opening

professional photographer farm table

Coming Soon

God has a way of making life very interesting, at least mine sure has been. An opportunity arose and after much prayer and discussion, I felt God has been directing this path for some time now.

I need to do more for Him and He has made a way.

The announcement is soon.

Days until his 17th Birthday

Winter Uno

Winter may be winding down by glance of the calendar, but I am enjoying the snowflakes as they fall outside my glass box. There is something so refreshing and cleansing of the sparkling white crystals as they fall to form their great design and masterpiece. A winter blanket.

The frost bites.
Death succumbs.
Spring revives.

Winter Dos

Ice crystals cling onto the dormant beauty I meet as I challenged myself to toss on my coveralls and thick boots to discover winter wonders. The crunch of the snow and the bite of the cold upon my naked fingers all reminded me of the warmth the much anticipated spring season brings. A winter walk.